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New Zealand Weather Stations

Do I need to add the Button Code to my Web site?

Yes! If you want your stats to work and your ranking to increase you must install the banner / button code on the pages of your website.

What does the button look like?

New Zealand Top Weather Sites Button Example

Where do I find the button code?

Initially you will be emailed the code when you register. You can also get the code by logging onto the control panel with your username and password.

Where do I add the button code?

Insert the code (usually at the bottom of the page) just before the < /body > and < /page > lines.

Does it matter what page I put the button code on?

Not really. If you just put it on your index page and your visitors arrive directly to another page via a favourite, the statistics will not be recorded because the button is not on the page. Its suggested you put the code in every html file. If you have a footer page please put the code in there.

Does it Cost?

No - It's a free service. Best of all we don't request for donations or put ad's on our websites. Enjoy

What if I need help?

We are more than happy to help if you have any questions or canít get the button to work. Please use the Contact Us link on the above links bar.

When does the stats reset?

Midnight 00:00 NZDT (New Zealand Daylight Time)

Do you allow international sites?

No not at this time. It's a kiwi thing.

What is the size limit on the banner images?

500 x 80 pixels. This website should warn you if you exceed this limit.

If I stop using New Zealand Weather Top Sites on my site when will my account be deleted?

If the Button for you page has not been used more than 20 days New Zealand Weather Top Sites will automatically delete your account. You will then need to setup a new account.