AUCKLAN - Those where the memories

On 16-17 July 2004 and 4-5 December 2004 co-hosted AuckLAN on Auckland's North Shore. AuckLAN was run twice for about 30-40 computer gamers wanting to play computer games against their peers on a fast network. Each event ran for around 24 hours. Back in 2004 the typical internet connection was either a 128 or 256kbs snail’s pace ADSL connection or even worse dial-up, so it wasn’t the best for playing online games. The LAN was setup to allow games to play without lag. The network connection to each PC was 10/100Mbs. The CRT screens where still popular with only a few LCD screens used.

This page has been created to remember those events. They were both fun events to go to.

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 July 2004

Setting Up Mid Day Lanning Aruno posing for the camera DDR Getting tired there Jacky going hard with left-hand CS Netgear Network Switch Some of the Servers Sozzild droped in for a chat The popular side Uma and Crazy View of the Switch Why is your hand up nick


December 2004

Daniel Setting Up the Network Still People Arriving Early Birds James Setting Up DDR setup Dean hard at it Dean wins the GFX Everyone Gaming Got V Rob wins the speakers Starla Steel_Rune_Drake Sycos back Tom Sourcing the prob TRIGER into it TRIGERs back Uma posing for the camera